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Hello everyone!!! I’m Claudia Portadibasso, an italian girl doing an internship here in Vilnius. I have the pleasure to collaborate with the Tolerant Youth Association, a non-governmental and non-profit Youth organization working in the field of human’s rights.

I have always been interested in themes such as tolerance, human rights and cooperation. I think we are living in a world where people are forgetting values such as respect, understanding, interest towards other peoples, and they are coming closer to individualism. But fortunately this not concerns everybody and I would like to bring out and reveal the voices of those last ones. I will use this blog to tell stories about people I will meet, and to comment news I will hear about tolerance, immigrants, lgbt person, human rights. Also I will inform you about art, culture, and everything will happen to me during the next two months!!

I want to give my personal contribution showing positive messages about this beautiful city and its attitude toward tolerance!
I hope you will enjoy the blog! So follow me in this adventure!

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